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Women Memory on the Witches from Rio

The website Women Memory – Gender Dimension brings to light one of the greater media scandals of the early 1990s, the case of the media ostracism of Jelena LovrićRada IvekovićSlavenka DrakulićVesna Kesić and Dubravka Ugrešić, known as the Witches from Rio. As feminists, they were accused of spreading lies to Croatian people and being anti-nationalist. Here you can see the selection of articles about the whole scandal. It all started with the 1992 article in Croatian weekly Globus, entitled “Croatian Feminists Rape Croatia”.

The website Women Memory – Gender Dimension is dedicated to women’s memories of resistance to war and nationalisms in the countries of former Yugoslavia, but also to the activities of all women in the world who, in the context of transitional processes, raise their voice against war violence and discrimination.

The chronology of the Witches from Rio case can also be tracked on the website of the international organization Women’s World.

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