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The Irish Pages Podcast about the Invisible Woman and Other Stories

Listen to THE IRISH PAGES PODCAST about the short story collection Invisible Woman and Other Stories, translated from Croatian by Christina Pribichevich Zorić & Jacob Agee, published by Fraktura, Zagreb. LINK TO THE PODCAST

Slavenka Drakulić talks to Jacob Agee about her new collection of stories, Invisible Woman and Other Stories, which takes the reader on an intimate journey of ageing. They discuss how the collection developed from a novel into short stories, why the female body remains at the centre of her work, why women’s fiction writing is more likely to be treated as autobiographical than men’s, the recent history of nationalism in Croatia and her experience of being described as one of the ‘five witches of Croatia’ in the early 1990s; and the various and surprising translations of her writing that have appeared.

Link to the book:

Jacob Agee is a Managing Editor at Irish Pages.

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