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Slavenka Drakulić and Elvira Mujčić at the Festivaletteratura, Mantova

Slavenka Drakulić will participate at Festivaletteratura festival in Mantova (Italy). At the panel La Guerra, La Scrittura, Le Donne (Two Generations, A War, A Country That Is No Longer), the author will meet her translator Elvira Mujčić.

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From the programme:

“We all noticed the signs, but none of us thought there would be a war, not even those in government at the time”. Croatian writer and journalist Slavenka Drakulić is one of the most authoritative and respected voices of the former country of Yugoslavia. She masterfully describes the changes that have devastated the Balkans in recent decades, from the fall of the communist regimes to the war crime trials at The Hague after the tragic conflict that led to the dissolution of the region and the birth of new independent nations. The author of Cafè Europa: Life after Communism, Frida’s bed and the recent Mileva Einstein, a Theory of Sadness, meets Elvira Mujčić (Consigli per essere un bravo immigrato, Dieci prugne ai fascisti) her translator. Mujčić herself was a witness of war – after surviving in Srebrenica she moved to Italy from Bosnia at the age of fourteen. Two generations exchange their views on the need to come to terms with the past.

The event will take place on September 6 (7.15 PM), in Palazzo del Seminario Vescovile – Auditorium, in Mantova.

More information about the panel in Italian: link.
Short programme in English: link.



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