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Rolling Stone on the chillig aftermath of the Bosnian War

Thirty years ago, in Bosnia, Belgrade-backed death squads carried out some of the worst violence on European soil since World War II. Ron Haviv, now a renowned, award-winning photographer, captured on film one of the Bosnian War’s first apparent war crimes. One of the photos has since become a symbol of the war itself.

However, none of the “Tigres” – infamous volunteer fighters led by Željko Ražnatović, have stood trial for their alleged part in those crimes. And for the past few decades, according to the Rolling Stone, one of them – Srđan Golubović – has been spinning trance records at European festivals and clubs!

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Slavenka Drakulić wrote about Haviv’s most famous photo and its’ importance on several occasions. It was also used as the book cover for the Croatian edition of essays on war criminals They Would Never Hurt a Fly.

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