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Nationalism – the virus that went viral

Throughout Europe we see a rise in nationalism. Even in countries previously thought least likely to harbour such sentiments, people are turning inward, looking at their own country, culture and language. Nationalist thought is dominating the European discussion on the refugee crisis. It feeds into an increase in racism and explains the current popularity of right-wing, populist parties. Does the growth of nationalism mean the end of the European Union?

Great thinkers from all over Europe will come together to discuss this European phenomenon. Where do these nationalist sentiments originate? Is nationalism a shared European issue, or should we explain its popularity per region? Is nationalism a virus that must be fought against, and if so, how?


A pressing debate with Croatian writer, journalist and essayist Slavenka Drakulić, the English political philosopher Phillip Blond, and others. Join the debate – June 1st, 20:30, Forum on European Culture, Amsterdam.

Buy tickets. See you there!

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