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Melania Mazzucco praises La donna invisibile in La Repubblica

A renown Italian writer Melania Mazzucco wrote in La Repubblica about a short story collection La donna invisibile (Bottega Errante, 2022, translated by Elvira Mujčić).

Slavenka Drakulić uses words like a scalpel: her writing splits us apart, breaks us and causes us to bleed. Everyday objects (a rubber mattress cover, blue pills), everyday surroundings (Thomas Bernhard and his Claus Peyman have already taught us what a pain it can be just to try out trousers), her rooms could be in any house; her prose is held back and vocabularay reduced, while her tone lingers between ruthless realism and concealed compassion… In her approach to old age Slavenka Drakulić is fearless and skilful, writes Melania Mazucco.

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