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FLESH OF HER FLESH available on Kindle

“Flesh of Her Flesh ” in English on Kindle – after Croatian, German, Swedish, Macedonian and Polish, Drakulic’s autobiographical book is now available in English on Kindle :


            In 2004, I had successful kidney transplant surgery at Rhode Island Hospital in Providence, USA. The kidney did not come from a deceased person or a relative  as used to be the case for decades  – but from an anonymous living donor. Not even being aware that this was a possibility, I was fascinated by this extreme case of altruism. It is not very often that one finds oneself confronted by an act of such goodness.

            Of course, there are several questions that immediately came to mind, first of all: why? Why would a person decide to give a part of his or her body to a complete stranger without any material reward? The next question is: what kind of person is capable of bestowing a gift of life on a fellow human being? Are they “angels”, as they are often called in the media, or ordinary people like the rest of us? 

             Being a new phenomenon, there are many psychological, ethical, moral and philosophical questions about non-related anonymous donations. I needed to meet more donors, talk to them, and listen to what they had to say. And so this is what I did. Their stories are in this book.

            Meeting living donors I was rewarded with learning a few things about their motivation, but also about myself. Most of all, I learned about the capacity of human beings to do good deeds, in spite of all the evidence to the contrary.


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