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Drakulić at Granada TRES Festival: Voices Del Mediterraneo

At Granada TRES Festival: Voices Del Mediterraneo, Slavenka Drakulić will participate on the panel ‘Paths Toward Democracy’. Three-way conversation: Slavenka Drakulić, Hélé Béji and Magdalena Trillo. 

The panel will take place on Friday, April 27, at the Federico Garcia Lorca Centre (Plaza Romanilla), at 5 PM.

More about the panel: The Croatian novelist Slavenka Drakulić, a witness of the Balkan War, and the Tunisian Hélé Béji, a clear-sighted analyst of the Arab Spring in her country, will discuss alongside the journalist Magdalena Trillo the obstacles peoples face on the path to democracy, conflicts stemming from emancipation processes, risks of nationalism and possible ways to prevent history’s worst episodes from being repeated.


The whole program of the festival can be downloaded here.

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