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Brewminate quotes Drakulić on Eichmann

For Brewminate, Kathleen B. Jones writes about Hannah Arendt and her book Eichmann in Jerusalem.  Her article, entitled The Trial of Hannah Arendt: The Dangerous Act of Thinking in the Nazi Era, quotes Slavenka Drakulić:

The wisdom of Arendt’s tone and conclusions in Eichmannn in Jerusalem  continue to be debated, most recently in response to Margarethe von Trotta’s 2012 film, Hannah Arendt. Yet the significance of what Arendt wrote about the absence of thinking and the problem of evil warrants further consideration, especially in light of the apparent ease with which different groups have become the targets of contemporary genocidal campaigns. As the Croatian novelist Slavenka Drakulić wrote in her book “They Would Never Hurt a Fly” (titled after a phrase of Arendt’s): “The more you realize that war criminals might be ordinary people, the more afraid you become.”

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