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War Is The Same Everywhere

Original edition:

Rat je svugdje isti

Fraktura, Zagreb, 2022

Amid another war on European soil and many other wars worldwide, the book War Is The Same Everywhere by the famous journalist and writer Slavenka Drakulić brings a series of essays about the war, published in various publications from 1991 to the present day. These essays will expose you to a range of emotions and make you think about how it is possible that, with so much technological and scientific progress, we still cannot eradicate war and killing. Dramatic and brilliantly written, these texts give us a glimpse of a series of war situations seen from the so-called frog’s perspective, the point of view of ordinary people. Refugees who are trying to find their way in a foreign, unwelcoming country, mothers in fear for their sons, raped women who chose not to remain silent, ordinary people transformed into cruel war criminals under the right circumstances… 
After her books The Balkan Express and They would never hurt a fly, Slavenka Drakulić once again shows that conflicts begin with words, indoctrination, and sowing nationalist divisions – and this keeps repeating itself like a nightmare. Social divisions and conflicts are not easy to understand. But we are obliged to question and analyze them in order not to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. 

The book War Is The Same Everywhere will get you thinking, and the whirlwind of emotions after reading it will make you want to change the world.

Published by Fraktura, Zagreb, and the book cover was designed by Mirko Ilić. 

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