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Deadly sins of feminism (Extended Edition)

Original edition:

Smrtni grijesi feminizma: ogledi o mudologiji
(Extended Edition)

Fraktura, Zagreb, 2019

Deadly sins of feminism (1984) were the first collection of essays on feminism in ex-Yugoslavia. Not much seems to have changed for women in the meantime – patriarchy is still running strong. The 2020 reprint contains additional essays on women’s issues written from 1985 to 2019. This book asks provocative questions, such as – what is feminism today? What is the range of #metoo movement and how come we still have the abortion debate? It is also an important reminder to younger women – you have to fight for your own rights, nobody else is going to do it for you!   

Essays & Reviews About Book

Smrtni grijesi feminizma: Ogledi o mudologiji (Extended Edition)

Fraktura, Zagreb, 2019