Zaharijević on the case of Yugoslav feminism

Adriana Zaharijević, a theorist from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (Belgrade), has just published an important and interesting paper on Yugoslavian feminism in a scientific journal Montenegrin Journal for Social Sciences (MJSS), Vol. 1, Issue 2, 2017.

In the paper entitled The Strange case of Yugoslav feminsm: Feminism and socialism in the ‘East’Zaharijević describes how scholars and activists portrayed emancipation and liberation at that very time: to see if they negotiated or failed to negotiate Western definitions and Eastern realities.



You can download the whole article as a PDF HERE and see the list of all articles from this issue HERE.

An article on nationalism in Eurozine

Slavenka Drakulić has just published an article on nationalism in the EU. The present surge in nationalism is a threat to the EU itself – but it could have been anticipated, Drakulić states.


Photo: A protest in favour of independence for Catalonia in Barcelona, 27 October 2017. Source: Flickr

The whole text can be read in the PDF form or accessed on this link: