NEW TITLE – Nevidljiva žena i druge priče

In her new collection of short stories Nevidljiva žena i druge priče – Invisible woman and other stories (Fraktura, Zagreb), Slavenka Drakulić poses many provocative questions. We seem to have broken most taboos, but the taboo about aging is as persistent as ever.  Does the old age make us invisible, what happens to our bodies, our relationships to others and to ourselves? How do we cope with pain, forgetting and shame of getting older? What does aging mean for women under pressure to look young and attractive?


The whole first story can be read here. (Croatian only)

And a quick reminder of the 2014 Eurozine text on women’s writing on aging: Flirting with a stranger.

Mileva Einstein oder Die Theorie der Einsamkeit in Sächsische Zeitung

Sächsische Zeitung brings a review of the Mileva Einstein oder Die Theorie der Einsamkeit. 

“The well-known Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulić, as always, has a fine sense for the uphevals, the ups and downs in a relationship, as in her novel about Dora Maar and Pablo Picasso. She shows the interdependency of a man and a woman, where not everything speaks for her and against him”, writes Monika Melchert at the end of the review.

You can access the whole text in German here.