Drakulić at Internazionale a Ferarra 2018

At the festival Internazionale a Ferarra 2018, Slavenka Drakulić will participate at the panel Europe: the fictional state. After decades of globalization, our political system has become obsolete. The resurgence of nationalism is a sign of its irreversible decline.
Conversation by

Rana Dasgupta, British writer and essayist
Ulrike Guérot, German political analyst
Martin Pollack, Austrian writer and journalist
Slavenka Drakulić, Croatian writer and essayist
Introduced and moderated by Marino Sinibaldi

The panel is taking place on Sunday, October 7, at 4.30 pm Teatro Comunale, Ferrara, Italy.

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An interview in Jot Down

While participating at the conference “Voces del Mediterraneo”, organized by Fundacion Tres Culturas, Slavenka Drakulić was interviewed by Jelena Arsić.

Drakulić spoke about feminism in former Yugoslavia, the difference between Eastern and Western feminism, the war criminals as ordinary people and the phenomenon of nationalism.

Slavenka-Drakulić-para-JD-4                                                                             Photo: Raquel López, Jot Down

The interview is published in the magazine Jot Down, and you can read it here. (Spanish only)