Drakulic commentator at the lecture of Mark Lilla

On Thursday the 12th of December, 13.00–15.30 PM, at Spårvagnshallarna, Birger Jarlsgatan 57A, Stockholm, Slavenka Drakulic is going to be a commentator at the lecture of Mark Lilla. Lilla is the professor of humanities, specialized in intellectual history, with a particular focus on Western political and religious thought. The event is organised by The Institute for Future Studies.
Mark Lilla
More about the programme here : the-future-of-ideology or take a look at http://www.iffs.se/eng/aktivitet/the-future-of-ideology/


Drakulic on Central European Forum

On November 15th Slavenka Drakulic is participating on Central European Forum, talking about “Citizen Amnesia: Could the absence of a legacy of citizen-inspired change be hampering the creation of genuine civic space in Central and Eastern Europe?”


Other speakers include Timothy Snyder, Karel Schwarzenberg, Victor Erofeyev, Olga Tokarczuk, Marci Shore, Pascal Bruckner and many others.

Click for the full CEF 2013 Programme.

All panel discussions and speeches will be simultaneously interpreted into English via headphones. Entry is free, and those who are interested are able to register through the link at the website – http://ceeforum.eu/en/