The Yugoslav Example

Drakulic’s text A Few “Easy” Steps towards Reconciliation is just published in the anthology The Yugoslav Example: Violence, War and Difficult Ways Towards Peace (Waxman, 2014)
The Yugo Example
The contents of the book can be seen here: 

A word from the publisher: A particular characteristic of this publication is that it does not settle for a single precise analysis of the reasons for war and for post-war conflicts. Rather, peace efforts and peace treaties are analyzed by focusing on their function of preventing conflicts or reducing their extent. Emphasis is placed on the efforts of national actors as well as on those of actors in civil society to promote peace policies in the international sphere.

’89 – Who’s Afraid of Democracy?

What is left of the hope of the free market, the right to vote and the dream of ‘living in freedom’ of 1989? What has happened since the democratic transformation in Central and Eastern Europe?

Amsterda Berlin Wall

These are some of the questions that are going to be adressed at the ’89 – Who’s Afraid of Democracy? conference, organized by De Balie, Amsterdam, November 15-16.

The speakers will include Polish commentator Slawomir Sierakowski, Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulic and Hungarian sociologist Tibor Dessewffy.

The whole programme is available here: