Dora i Minotaur: moj život s Picassom (Dora and Minotaur: My Life With Picasso)

A new novel by Slavenka Drakulić Dora i Minotaur: moj život s Picassom (Dora and Minotaur: My Life With Picasso), will be published in Croatian by Fraktura this month.

A short excerpt from this novel about Dora Maar can be read here (in English).



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About old age in Emma

EmmaIn the latest issue of the German feminist magazine Emma for January/February a whole section is devoted to the old age under the title:  Wie richtig altern

Among others, Drakulic’s text “Warum dürfen wir nicht alt werden?” (pp. 86-88) is published – the German translation of her Eurozine text Flirting with a stranger

Read the German edition.