An ongoing debate about women in Eurozine

After a Eurozine’s article How women survived post-communism (and didn’t laugh), published in June, two reactions have appeared!  

One response was written by American ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee and feminist and philosopher Adriana Zaharijević: Fantasies of feminist history in eastern Europe.

The other one was written by Andrea Peto, Hungarian professor of gender studies: After “Emancipation after emancipation”

Writing about women’s problems is always a good start….

Hungary building a wall along the Serbia’s border

Hungary, a country which itself was a part of a Soviet bloc not so long ago, is now building a wall to keep the immigrants out of its country. Is this scary, 26 years after the Berlin wall came down?

hungary wall

Read the text Unheilbringende Symbole der Trennung, translated in German for the ARD blog on behalf of the It is available in both German and Croatian.