New translation of “Optužena”

Drakulić’s novel “Optužena” (The Accused) has just been released in Slovakia. The novel OBŽALOVANÁ, story of a family trauma that leads to the daughter killing her mother, was released by publisher’s house Aspekt, and translated by Alica Kulihová.


An ongoing debate about women in Eurozine

After a Eurozine’s article How women survived post-communism (and didn’t laugh), published in June, two reactions have appeared!  

One response was written by American ethnographer Kristen Ghodsee and feminist and philosopher Adriana Zaharijević: Fantasies of feminist history in eastern Europe.

The other one was written by Andrea Peto, Hungarian professor of gender studies: After “Emancipation after emancipation”

Writing about women’s problems is always a good start….