Frauen im Postkommunismus in EMMA

The new edition of EMMA just published a text Frauen in Postkommunismus, as a way of introducing the Vienna conference Women in Post-Communist Countries: A Neglected Problem? that will take place at the Kreisky Forum in Vienna on October 21st and 22nd. Read the whole text in German here.

Berlin, Frauen an der Mauer
Photo: Bundesarchiv
This is a short version of the text published in English in EurozineHow women survived post-communism (and didn’t laugh).

The introductory lecture on the first evening of the conference will be moderated by Alice Schwarzer and Slavenka Drakulic.

An article on solidarity

Neue Zürcher Zeitung published Drakulic’s article about solidarity in Europe, entitled Die Frage der Solidarität.


What does the notion of solidarity mean, and does it need to be redifined?

The whole article can be read here.