Aufbau Verlag recommends “Dora und der Minotaurus” as a present

One of the books recommended by the German publisher Aufbau Verlag as an ideal Christmas present is the novel Dora und der Minotaurus!


More in German can be read here.

Exclusive launch of the novel ‘Mileva Einstein, teorija tuge’ in Zagreb

On Monday there was a very successful book launch in The Zagreb Youth Theater (ZKM). Drakulic’s novel Mileva Einstein, teorija tuge (Mileva Einstein, a theory of sorrow) about Mileva Einstein Marić was presented. The novel tells a tale of Einstein’s first wife Mileva Marić, a promising scholar and mathematician, the first woman enrolled at the University of Zürich, who sacrificed her career because of Albert Einstein and became a stay-at-home wife and mother, which eventually led her to depression and serious suffering. The novel is told from Mileva’s point of view – as were novels about Frieda Kahlo and Dora Maar before it.

Guest speakers at the presentation were famous Croatian writer Irena Vrkljan, literary critic and scholar Anera Ryznar, the book editor Seid Serdarević, together with the author Slavenka Drakulić.


Slavenka Drakulić


Slavenka Drakulić


The author Slavenka Drakulić and Irena Vrkljan


Slavenka Drakulić and Irena Vrkljan


Slavenka Drakulić and Seid Serdarević


Slavenka Drakulić and Irena Vrkljan


Anera Ryznar


Irena Vrkljan


Anera Ryznar


Book signing

Many people attended, the books were signed and the atmosphere was terrific!