Interview in EU, Europe Unfinished

Slavenka Drakulić has been interviewed, together with David Morley (professor of communications), for the last part of the book EU, EUROPE UNFINISHED: Mediating Europe and the Balkans in a Time of Crisis. Editors are Zlatan Krajina and Nebojša Blanuša.



Tired of endless discussions of “transition” and “Europeanisation” that never tell you what these terms mean? Consider this: these are words about identity, and identity is fraught with conflict, contradiction and confusion over how people perceive themselves and others. These dilemmas are at the heart of political and social disputes involving Europe and the Balkans, and this collection offers a fascinating and challenging ride through them. Eric Gordy, Senior Lecturer in Southeast European Politics, UCL

EU, Europe Unfinished is an important twist to the conversation on the Europe-Balkan relationship, exploring what it means for “Europe to find a home” in the Balkans. This rich, multi-disciplinary volume provides thought-provoking analyses of how the EU’s eastward expansion is remaking—and being remade by—the societies of the Balkans. Madigan Andrea Fichter, Assistant Professor, Holy Family University, Philadelphia

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Sterben in Kroatien, theatrical performance in Köln

Slavenka Drakulic’s essays Balkan Express were made into a theatre play named by the German translation of the book, Sterben in Kroatien. Director of the play is Nada Kokotovic, and it is performed by Theater der Keller in Köln. The premiere will be on November 12, and other performances will be held on November 14 and 15, as well as on December 4 and 6. More information about the performance here.

sterbeninkroatien_c_tko                                                                                                       Foto: Theater der Keller, TKO

Other theatre performances adapted from Drakulic’s novels include:

1993, 1995, 1998, 2000 BALKAN EXPRESS. Directed by Jean Delval. Théâtre des Rues, Mons, Belgium.

1994 BALKAN EXPRESS. Directed by Marika Nasiell, dramaturgy Irena Kraus. Stockholm.

1999, 2010 AIVAN KULIN MINUA EI OLISI. Directed by Antti Hietala. Q-Teatteri, Helsinki. (As if I am not there)

2002 OKUS PO MOŠKEM. Directed by Marko Sošić. Slovensko stalno gledališće, Trst. (The taste of a man)

2003 BOŽANSKA GLAD. Directed by Dami Zlatar-Frey. Teatar &TD, Zagreb. (The taste of a man)

2010 MIRJANA. Directed by Mirko Artuso. Teatro Julio Cortazar, Ferrara ; Teatro Cuminetti, Trento,  Italy. (As if I a not there)

2014 KAKO SMO PREŽIVJELE Directed by Dino Mustafić. Zagrebačko kazalište mladih. (How we survived communism and even laughed)