A new article in Eurozine – Once upon a time in 1989

In the first of a series of articles from the landmark 50th edition of the journal Transit — Europäische Revue (to be published in September), author Slavenka Drakulić casts a rueful glance over the expectations – some fulfilled, many frustrated – of the generations that have lived through the changes since 1989. And how is the West now learning the hard lessons of the East?


Photo: Bev Sykes, Flickr

You can read the whole article at this link: http://www.eurozine.com/once-upon-a-time-in-1989/

Essays recommended to Europe travellers

Rick Steves’ tourist guide to Europe recommends travellers to read books from the country of their travel.

The choosen books from Croatia, among others for tourists, are Drakulić’s essay collections: The Balkan Express, Cafe Europa, How we survived communism and even laughed and They would never hurt a fly.

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More about the book you can see here: https://goo.gl/Uy6s2X