Eurozine anthology “Widening the Context”

An online cultural journal and editorial network Eurozine was founded in 1998. To celebrate this anniversary, Eurozine has published a print anthology spanning the project chronologically, thematically, generically and geographically. Edited and commented by Carl-Henrik Fedriksson, Simon Garnett and Klaus Nellen, it features an early journal article by Slavenka Drakulić: “Who’s afraid of Europe?” It can also be read online:



Photo source: Eurozine

About the anthology:

Macedonian edition of “Invisibile Woman and other stories”

A collection of short stories about women’s aging, Invisible Woman and Other Stories, has been translated into Macedonian. The book Невидливата жена и други раскази will be published by Antolog, Skopje (trans. by Kristina Velevska).

Originially stories were published in Croatian as Nevidljiva žena i druge priče (Fraktura, Zagreb, 2018).


nevidliva zena_mk