Announcement: Radio-feature on Österreich 1, November 14th, 4.05 pm

On November 14th, at 16:05 a radio-feature about Slavenka Drakulić will be broadcasted on Österreich 1 (Ö1), and will be available online one week after the transmission.

The feature was made by a journalist Mahmoud Lamine, it is about Slavenka’s life and work, and the title is: „Wenn mich meine Mutter mit einem Wort beschreiben müsste, würde sie sagen: „stur“ – Die Kroatische Schriftstellerin Slavenka Drakulic“. (“If you would ask my mother to describe me in one word, she would say: ‘stubborn’ – The Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulic.”)


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Party of love at the Central European Forum

On Saturday November 18th Slavenka Drakulić will participate at the discussion Party of Love at the Central European Forum 2017.

Party of Love

The power of negative emotions in politics cannot be countered by ridding it of emotions altogether. Forced ideologies combined with cynicism destroy politics. Where should we seek solutions?

Slavenka Drakulić (Zagreb) – Max Harris (Auckland/ Oxford) – Ivan Krastev (Sofia) – Tomáš Sedláček (Prague). Moderator: Peter Michalík (Bratislava).

The discussion is taking place at 6 pm in Bratislava, in ATELIÉR BABYLON, Námestie SNP 14.