Where to for #MeToo? in Eurozine

In Eurozine, four writers and journal editors – Ann Ighe, Calire Potter, Reka Kinga Papp and Slavenka Drakulić assess the impact of the #MeToo movement on Europe and the US.  They stress its achievements and potential, as well as its limitations in changing a culture of sexual harassment.


Read the PDF of the article here.

Zaharijević on the case of Yugoslav feminism

Adriana Zaharijević, a theorist from the Institute for Philosophy and Social Theory (Belgrade), has just published an important and interesting paper on Yugoslavian feminism in a scientific journal Montenegrin Journal for Social Sciences (MJSS), Vol. 1, Issue 2, 2017.

In the paper entitled The Strange case of Yugoslav feminsm: Feminism and socialism in the ‘East’Zaharijević describes how scholars and activists portrayed emancipation and liberation at that very time: to see if they negotiated or failed to negotiate Western definitions and Eastern realities.



You can download the whole article as a PDF HERE and see the list of all articles from this issue HERE.