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Mirrors of Europe – Drakulic to visit Italy

The civic association, Project Forum from Bratislava, Slovakia, is initiating a literary project Mirrors of Europe, financed by the European Union. It enables writers to spend three weeks in a selected country, in order to write an essay on what Europe is and means. A collection of the essays will be published in English next year.

Comissioned by Project Forum,  Slavenka Drakulic will spend three weeks in Italy ( September 11th – October 2nd).   

The list of other authors and countries they will visit:

 Andrei Kurkov from Ukraine –   UK 

 Jana Beňová from Slovakia – Portugal 

 Robert Menasse  from Austria – Turkey 

 Marie Darrieussecq from France –  Slovakia

 Andrzej Stasiuk from Poland – Moldova

 Vahram  Martirosyan from Armenia – France

Drakulic on Berlin in New York Times

If I were a young writer, painter, musician, theater director or dancer, I would most certainly go to Berlin. Once a Western island in the German Democratic Republic, after unification of the two Germanys, Berlin became the most interesting and cosmopolitan city in all of Europe……

The whole text on Berlin is available here: