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Carnage News about “L’accusata”

The Italian newspaper Carnage News wrote about “L’accusata”, an Italian edition of the novel “The accused”, about a mother physically and mentally abusing her own daughter, after she has suffered years of domestic violence herself.


Read the whole article written by Simone Baldi in Italian here.

Discussion about Dora Maar and Picasso in Paris

Association des anciens étudiants des universités croates (Society of students studying at Croatian Universities in Paris – Društvo bivših studenata hrvatskih sveučilišta) organizes a discussion about two novels on Dora Maar and her relationship with Pablo Picasso. Drakulic’s novel Dora i Picasso will be contrasted with the novel by Cuban writer Zoé Valdés, La femme qui pleure. The event is taking place on Wednesday, November 23, at 7 PM.


For more information about the society click here.