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Greek website Tvxs published a story about the importance of the diary Anna Frank

Greek website Television without borders has just published Drakulic’s weekly column from he Croatian daily Jutarnji list about the importance of the diary of Anna Frank. Why is this book relevant today, and how is it possible that Croatian ministry of education wants to remove it from the list of obligatory books in school?

The whole article can be read at this link.

zoom_video_header_still_-_landingspagina_in_het_kort.jpg__1280x1280_q85_subsampling-2                                                                               Photo source: Anne Frank Stichting

The text was translated to Greek by Milica Kosanovic.

A novel about Mileva Einstein explores uncomfortable truths

“The celebrated Croatian writer Slavenka Drakulić has never been afraid to tackle convoluted subjects, break taboos and explore uncomfortable truths. Her latest novel, the third about women who have been overshadowed by their famous men, is no exception”, writes a historian and anthropologist Silvia Sovic in the review of the novel Mileva Einstein, teorija tuge (Mileva Einstein, a Theory of sadness).

The whole article was published by ELN – European Literature Network and it can be read at this link.

mileva cover                                                                                                 Foto: Christin Hume


The review also features a novel abstract in English, translated by Kristina Pribićević Zorić.