Slavenka Drakulić, born in Croatia  (former Yugoslavia) in 1949, is an author whose books and essays have been translated into many languages. In the USA, she has published five novels: Holograms Of Fear; Marble Skin; The Taste Of A Man; S. – A Novel About the Balkans (made into a feature film As If I Am Not There ); and Frida’s Bed..

She has also published five non-fiction books: How We Survived Communism; Balkan Express; Café Europa; They Would Never Hurt a Fly – War Criminals On Trial In The Hague; and A Guided Tour Through the Museum of Communism.
She is a  contributing editor in The Nation magazine (USA) and a free-lance author whose essays have appeared in The New Republic, The New York Times Magazine and The New York Review Of Books. She contributes to Süddeutsche Zeitung (Germany), Internazionale (Italy), Dagens Nyheter (Sweden), The Guardian (UK), and other newspapers and magazines
She lives in Sweden and Croatia.
Slavenka Drakulić is the recipient of the 2004 Leipzig Book-fair ”Award for European Understanding”.