Donald Trump and Slobodan Milosevic – They would never hurt a fly

An essay collection They Would Never Hurt a Fly: War Criminals on Trial in the Hague by Slavenka Drakulić was reviewed by critic Alex Good on It was reviewed together with the book Yugoslavia: Death of a Nation by Laura Silber and Allan Little.

Using these two books, the author compares Donald Trump to Slobodan Milošević: No, people like Milošević, or Donald Trump, are not great men. They are banal, vulgar, hollow men who only amplify the anger of the masses.  At the end he asks himself, musing on the Yugoslaw wars: What’s worse: that there may be thousands of murderous psychopaths among us straining at the leash of civil society, or that the general will itself has such apocalyptic desires? It seems to me it would be easier to blame the monsters than ourselves.

They would neveryugos

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Drakulić at Literatur Berlin Festival

Slavenka Drakulić will present her novel Dora und der Minotaurus at the Literatur Festival in Berlin. The event is taking place at the Georg Büchner Bookshop, on March 22 at 7.30 PM.

See the whole program of the Festival here.